“Here Comes The Signs”

A Little Background!

When I was younger, and had a great deal of energy every day, I absolutely loved being creative and crafty! I enjoyed just sitting down and not paying attention to anything else. I would paint anything from beach scenes to animals and even fire helmets for my daddy. But as I got older, time got shorter, and all of that wasted energy was not there to waste anymore! From time to time I would paint different imitations but mostly just creative quotes, not pictures like I used too, but even then I cherished it just as much as I did before. My parents were so proud of me as well which made it all the more exciting to see that they were in awe of the creations I made myself. They loved showing every painting or drawing off and they usually showcased my artwork around the house.

Anyways, we’re really close with our neighbors across the street and Zack, the older sibling, proposed to his girlfriend, Olivia, at the beginning of the year. We were all extremely excited of course and Olivia started planning right away. So I guess in the midst of all of her outlining she found some signs that she unquestionably adored but she didn’t want to pay for, however. Well that’s when Hope, Zack’s mom, decided just to throw my name out there! I was certainly eager to make them and said yes right on the spot. What the really weird thing was is that I knew what to do, I guess because of my creativeness? Anyways, I didn’t have to do any research and I started right away.

Olivia wanted this sign to sit in a seat for “Mamaw!”


How To Make Wedding Signs!

So here are the steps I used to make Olivia’s alluring signs and the steps you can use to make your own personal creations!

Step 1

  • You have to pick out your cute little signs or sayings (Pinterest is a prodigious website for this) that you want to create! Make sure they’re remarkable because you’ll remember them every time you think of your special day and you’ll probably keep them forever!


Olivia wanted this sign so her ring bearer could walk down the aisle right before her with it!

And this would be on the back of the “Here comes the Bride” sign! Of course she did not want those names and I saw the design I did on the bottom of mine somewhere else and she loved it!

Step 2

  • Make sure to get all of the main supplies before you begin! These supplies include:

1)      Wood (cut to any size you desire)

2)      Paint of any color (regular paint or even spray paint will be sufficient)

3)      Ribbon (any color)

4)      Big Sharpie (sharpies work better than trying to keep a steady hand with paint)

Step 3

  • Cut the wood to the size you fancy but make sure to incise one hole at the top of each corner. This is so you can lace the ribbon through so you can either hang it up after use or even hang it around somebody’s neck while they walk down that special aisle.

Step 4

  • After the wood is cut to the perfect size it’s time to apply the paint! 2 to 3 coats of paint would be great but you honestly have to judge it on your own.

Step 5

  • Since you already picked out your notable saying or sign that you take a liking to, now you need to type it up on the computer in whatever font suits you best! For Olivia I ended up using the exact picture of her signs except in a larger font so it would fit across the wood. Print those pages out so they’re easy to trace over (and make sure they’re the same size.)

Step 6

  • Place the printed out words on top of the wood and make sure they are in a straight line the whole way across. You can even tape it to make sure the pages stay in place but make sure that tape doesn’t end up tearing the paint away.

Step 7

  • Now it’s time to trace! Using your big sharpie start writing over the words with a lot of pressure so the sharpie bleeds through as much as possible. This will make it easier to see what you’re writing on the wood and the font will be perfect when transferred over.

Step 8

  • After copying all of the words lift up the paper and make sure the sharpie bled through as much as possible. If not go over just a little bit harder in case.

Step 9

  • Pick up the papers and mark out the writing with the sharpie again (no paper in between this time) and make it as dark as you want.

Step 10

  • You can add any delicate designs if you want just to make your signs a tad bit more appealing than before, but if you don’t want too you definitely do not have too. You’re making it for you!

Step 11

  • Add the ribbon through the holes to complete your whole project.

Step 12

  • Now you’re all done!!

Now of course there are plenty of other ways to make wood signs or even Wood pallet signs and there are many different websites to search that may help you significantly more than my simple steps but they worked for me so hopefully they work for you too! Go ahead and check out my gallery where I posted pictures of my finished products and you can even attach pictures of your creations so I can see if this helped you out!

One piece of advice is to plan ahead for this project. Me being the procrastinator that I am decided to wait awhile to start them and probably could have spent a lot of more time being precise and more detailed with the little parts. This project took approximately two to three days for me so if you decide to start a similar project I would definitely plan about two weeks if you want them to be absolutely perfect!


10 thoughts on ““Here Comes The Signs”

  1. I like how you connected your blog to your childhood, it gave you being creative a little more meaning. You also did a wonderful job at explaining how to make your own sign in your steps; it was very thorough.

  2. This is so cool! I am one of those people who is on pinterest finding cute projects, but I never actually make them. This is a project that I have always wanted to try out, but I still haven’t had a reason to make one. I like how simple your instructions are, because it makes it easy to follow. Also, I really like the final products that you made for the wedding. I didn’t realize how easy it was to make projects like this that actually look as detailed as this!

  3. You did an excellent job on breaking the steps down for your blog! I’ve always liked “crafty” ideas like this but, have had a hard time making it look good . I loved how you incorporated your love of painting before going into the steps of making the craft. I also love the way you presented your blog, very professional!

  4. I think you did an awesome job on your blog. Your instructions are easy to follow and your lay out is pretty without being distracting. Also your idea for your blog is really original. I have never heard of home made wedding signs before!

  5. The sign, “We Know you would be here today, if Heaven weren’t so far away”, was really touching. I loved your whole topic, it made me want to get a sign made. The directions to make the sign made it where anyone could do it. Your project presented a true drive for creativeness.

  6. Wow! I truly enjoyed this blog since I myself like being creative and crafty! I absolutely love drawing and sometimes painting as well. I’ve always wanted to try making signs so I find this site very helpful. I love the connection you made with your family and friends with your talented gift. 🙂

  7. I loved your blog! I have seen many people sell wooden signs on sites like pinterest and etsy. Often you find them to be a bit pricey. The fact that you are able to make them and imitate what they should look like is awesome. I enjoyed reading your blog and finding out how you did it. The signs you created looked incredible!

  8. This blog is awesome! It reminds me of my crafty grandmother who does quite a bit of painting. It’s also really cool that you were willing to create the art for a friend as well as explain how to do it to the rest of us.

  9. Awesome job. Set up is very organized and creative. I liked the “How to” at the end of the blog. Great work, very enjoyable!

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